Three Books Needed to Shatter School, Work, and Productive Activities

Would you like to be able to shatter reading and work with seemingly impossible ease? If you are in school or you know someone who is, would you like to develop skills or help someone else to that would make schoolwork into a joke? Would you like to learn some non-trivial ways to shatter efficiency completely and get more work done then you ever imagined?

I have some serious skills to teach you. You should be excited. These skills come from three different books. These skills take effort to learn, but if you do learn them, you won’t believe the results. Here they are:

1. Breakthrough Rapid Reading by Peter Kump

My article on Breakthrough Rapid Reading
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2. The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne

My Article on The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne
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3. Secrets of Mental Mathematics

My Article on Secrets of Mental Mathematics
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What I Was Able to Do With These Books and Why They Are Beyond Awesome

I have learned all of these books in depth, and they are really incredible. I will be covering each one in a separate article in much more detail. The link to these separate articles are above, under the title of each book. For now, I’ll give you an example of what these books have helped me to do, and how they can help you as well.

Breakthrough rapid reading is really incredible. It is a skill everyone should learn. It has helped me to never space out whenever I read something, to have better comprehension, and to read (in many cases) up to 1200 words per minute (so far). That is the equivalent of about four pages a minute. This stuff is not a joke and it is a serious efficiency skill. It also helped me read Benny Lewis’ Fluent in the Months (a book with over 200 pages) in under 2 hours. To read more about it, click here.

The Memory book is also incredible. It will help you learn so much more effectively, especially with speed reading under your belt as well. It has helped me doing incredible things that you can do as well. I used these techniques to memorize and perfectly recite the first 200 digits of pi (3.14159…), to memorize about 16 words I didn’t know while listening to a Shakespeare audiobook so that I could go home and look them up in the order I heard them without missing a single word of the 16, to memorize over 30 names in under 40 minutes of people I had just met, and to pound three-dimensional calculus equations in my head to be able to ace a calculus test that most of my classmates failed. This stuff is seriously useful. If you want to learn more about this book, click here.

Third, even though this book Secrets of Speed Math is the least useful out of the three, it is still quite useful and a lot of fun. I have used it to do up to 5 digit squares in my head and to do other really interesting mathematical things. It allows you in many cases to do math in your head faster than it takes for someone to enter it into a calculator (and many times even find their calculator)! It saves time and exercises brain cells! One girl used to freak out in my math classes, because I would do the math problems on the board in my head before the other students were able to grab their calculators! When approached the right way, math is awesome! Also, after the accompanying post for this book, I will review four other mental math books as well to give you a more in depth view into other techniques, and how to be even more creative! It may cause you to fall in love with a brand new and exciting application of…algebra!?!?! Did I say the impossible?

Enjoy these books, and I look forward to seeing you in each of the posts for these separate books and in future posts!

God Bless,
Drew White

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